Mangaka 2: The first day anime.

Okay,  summer season anime is starting and I am watching some first episodes of anime.
First up on one of this summer's anime is... Island

Okay, I have to say that I have watched the first episode and what the fuck is going on? A naked dude, on a beach, 15 year old high school girls, a peaceful island... The dude says he is from the future... This is supposed to be a Drama/Sci-fi thing... And the first episode was absolute horseshit. Do not bother with it. Unless you like the original material, if you do, please tell me why I am wrong in the comment section below. Cause god damn it, this was horrible and that song at the end where he remembers he loves that 15 year old was so cheesy, I am constipated. Sooo...
Next up: Hanebado!

A seinen about badminton that blends CG and 2D style amazingly in the first two minutes of the opening episode and establishes the characters really well? Sign me the fuck up. And before you scream "you're only watching it for the "plot."…

Mangaka 1: Summer Season is coming.

2018 Summer time: The Spring season anime is coming to a close, fast. with one or two more weeks remaining. This spring we had some good anime, some just okay anime and some that were just awful all together. And some controversial anime, by controversial I mean Tokyo Ghoul:Re.
Quick recap of what I thought was this season's best anime:
Wotaku no Koi wa Muzukashii - Love is hard for an Otaku
A solid comedy and romance between some adorable otakus. And just a pleasure to watch. But if only they went a bit deeper into their respective relationships... So with that a solid 8/10. Let's hope for a second season
Megalo Box
There is nothing to say about this, just absolutely amazing, always pumps me up and it's just a really good and solid underdog story, see what I did there? Heh. Definitely my favorite anime this spring season. And while I do agree with some people that t…


PityI'm not one for self-pity...This year, 2017 was something else entirely. Where most years for me begin at a low point and slowly pick up until they crash in December, this year was the opposite of that. It began quite pleasing. It got even better in spring. But once summer rolled around, everything came crashing down. Depression lead me in a fall full of panic attacks, anxiety and pain, whether it was pain caused by mind or body due to the repercussions of what my mind did. This halted the production of my third book. And I'm still in a slump. Dealing with anxiety has run me dry, I can only do so much lately. I can come up with a fantastic idea, but never get to the execution due to anxiety. It bled me dry. My mind isn't cooperating properly, putting stop to anything productive. My body is in pain and that gives me even more anxiety. The future scares me, and anything serious considering the future I have to look away, or I'll get hit with anxiety and panic attack…

Radio Silence.

I was here, there... I just was.
Did I tell you the story? It's been a few weeks, this progression of destruction, rejuvenation, stones and dread. Everything I had was gone, everything that was, wasn't anymore. The expression 'get fucked' never seemed more appropriate when the mind is the enemy, your body is the machine and the you, is reduced to a shadow.
Hmm... There's this expression "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." This is something I live by. Not because I am a pessimist, I like to think that I am just a bitter idealist. Well, ideal from my perspective. Not yours. Living with this in mind prepares you for many things, death of others, disappointment, failure. This also eliminates many fears. It's actually quite nice. Many times it feels like you're Sherlock or Batman. But there's a flaw in this, the moment you let your guard down, you are hit, hard. The moment you stop, the wall you hit will shatter you.
How should I phrase th…

Just a rather small thing to discuss.

Because why not...

Context: As seen in the many posts of September there were and still are a few good issues with me, my mental state, what I have to do and to deal with. So, if I don't deliver in one sense with posting regularly, please do indulge it. Since, I don't try to use this just as an outlet for shitposting, and actually do some more with what I post. And it's not the fact that I don't want to be open, or honest with what I am doing. But more of the fact that I don't think it matters... Or that it is boring to post every thought I have or every problem I encounter. Especially when your mind is faster than your fingers our mouth at explaining or putting thoughts out there for your points to be understood. Which is why I prefer writing, I can take my time to craft my arguments rather than just spouting things out randomly. That's not to say that you won't find out through the upcoming short stories what happened or what I am doing or what I am think…


It took me some time.
There is a reason behind everything we do. There's a reason I came to this conclusion. And I don't want to attack anyone. I am simply stating what I've been through and how I got here. 
Each and everyone of us seek a path, seek to do something from simply being happy and having our own little space and place in this world, to those that want to influence the world in a way or another and make a mark in our history. We each strive for that something that makes us feel like we're living and that makes us feel like it's worth it. As irrational as we might be, we still find some sort of reason in what we do and want. So a few years back when I decided I wanted to write books, since I was writing on this blog, since I was writing my own song lyrics and since I liked writing and storytelling. From anime, manga, movies, TV shows, certain and very specific books, life itself and the narratives I used to entertain the either boring or tough life. I wan…

American Dream

I live the American Dream

I finally did it. I am living it. The American Dream is mine, I reached it. I made my dream come true. Me... A hard working, young blood... I was working 12 hour shifts, taking classes and going through college. And working on my dream, writing. What was I writing? What was my first step of my dream? Writing and self-publishing Trapped: Autumn. The first book in an arc of a book series. Don't believe me? You can buy it here:

Not only was I able to publish this book and make it available world-wide. It's also available as a paperback or to be downloaded on your device. Thus my first step towards the American Dream was made, I was almost there. Then I got a few sales, I was ecstatic. Short after that the haters appeared... I don't hear much from them nowadays. Not that I care, since they hate without any actual basis. So with those sales I got to the American Dream, but that wasn't good enough for me. I had t…